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        Growing up in a large greek family has taught me how important moments with friends and family really are. So many things happen that we’d otherwise never think about again. From that, I learned the greatest parts of our lives need to be documented.

        Hi I'm Stephen

        I’m witty, sometimes a little goofy, and always up for an adventure!

        Lover of all things J. Crew and Patagonia.

        ​At weddings, you can usually find me singing along to your favorite songs.

        ​I have a love for dogs, especially doodles!

        ​If you are what you eat, I am pizza and ice cream.

        ​I love to take some kick ass landscape photos from everywhere I visit on my adventurous journey.

        ​I’m afraid of heights but stand at a towering 6’5″.

        ​I love to visit Nantucket because of its charm.

        Photos courtesy of Mark Davidson.